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MH-M670 Military Quality Thermal Monocular

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MH Technology Group is the premier manufacturer of compact high performance thermal imaging and aiming monoculars, weapon sights, and binoculars.

MH-M670 handheld thermal monoculars are designed for the men and women who serve and protect. This powerful, easy-to-use imager gives officers the tactical advantage when pursuing suspects, looking for evidence, or conducting search and rescue and military issue. MH-M670 handheld thermal monoculars feature high resolution displays, extended zooming capabilities, and video output,wifi. Whatever you need to see, find it with the MH-M670 handheld thermal monoculars.
MH-M670 adopts the latest uncooled thermal technology to deliver unrivaled thermal imaging for operators. The ability to simultaneously observe the target area in the infrared and thermal spectrum gives the operator the supreme advantage in any engagement, especially in night, rain, fog, snow etc.


Main Parameter
Model MH-M670
Detector type Uncooled microbolometer
Thermal sensor resolution 640x480 px, 17μm
Spectral range 8~14μm
Frame rate 50Hz
NETD <60mK@300k(F#1.0)
Micro dispaly 0.6 inch 800×600 OLED
Image Processing
E-Zoom 2×/4×
Image adjustment White hot/Black hot/Colour
Optical Parameter
Focal Length 70mm
Focus Manual focus
F# 1.0
Foucs range 5m
Field of View 8.8°×6.6°H×V
WIFI                                                   YES
Video Recording and Storage
Photo Snap Yes
Video Recording Yes
Video storage built-in 16Gb;
Video output Analog :BNC  Digital:USB2.0
Observation Distance
Persons(Standing man) Detection2.0km        Recognition1.0km
Vehicle(NATO Tank) Detection4.0km        Recognition1.6km
Power Parameter
Power Rechargeable lithium battery, 7.2V/2000mAH
Power consumption 3.0W @25℃)
Operating hours Continuous working time: 4hours
Environmental parameters
Seal standard IP67
Operating Temperature -30°C+60°C
Storage Temperature -40°C+70°C
Humidity 5%95%( Non-condensing)
Vibration Sweep frequency:5-200-5Hz,G-force:10g
Impact 10g/11ms Half sine wave
Physical parameters
Product Weight <900g includ Battery
Dimension (mm) 240×80×80mm
Mount Adaptor Standard 1/4' tripod mounting
portable thermal camera

The MH-M670 infrared thermal monocular uses the latest uncooled infrared detectors and advanced imaging circuit components, precision optical systems, and highly reliable all-metal housings. The product has excellent infrared imaging effect, advanced ultra-low power consumption, no shutter, quick start function and simple control, compact structure, lightweight and portable, high reliability features. With advanced rapid start-up performance,fast imaging at startup, and no interruption or freezing of images when calibration operations, the user's rapid response capability is improved significantly . The product is designed with a high refresh rate to allow operators to gain the ability to observe fast moving targets. Applicable to the weapon system assisted sighting or handheld or fixed detection, target search and other purposes in the field environment.

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