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CoronaVirus Fever Detection Using MH-T315 Infrared Thermal Cameras

2020-02-24 17:37:24

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Viral and bacterial infections such as the Coronavirus that spread through human contact and airborne transmission pose a serious health problem, including the possibility of pandemics, as shown by recent flu outbreaks.

Minimising the spread of Coronavirus infections

The MH-T315 automatic Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera can help detect elevated body temperatures which may indicate the presence of a fever, a symptom of the Coronavirus. The MH-T315 automatic infrared thermal imaging temperature alarm system as an adjunctive diagnostic tool, helps to detect people with a potential fever and may contain or limit the spread of the Coronavirus through identification of infected individuals showing fever symptoms. The MH-T315 Tempscreen solution is a vital tool in the detection of elevated body temperatures and fevers in high-risk groups such as travellers, students, miners, factory and office workers.

MH-T315 Automatic infrared thermal imaging temperature alarm system can be used to monitor large areas in crowded public places and quickly find. Go out and track people with higher body temperatures, such as rapid screening for fever symptoms caused by the new coronavirus, MH-T315 system operation easy and convenient, stable and reliable, multiple alarm settings can achieve multi-point alarm and tracking, to ensure that the target is not missing, but also avoid interference from other high temperature objects. Alarm images and videos can also be uploaded to the monitoring center via the remote monitoring network analysis and treatment ,convenient management .

It widely used in airport, inspection and quarantine health and epidemic prevention and other departments of the ideal safety protection equipment.

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